Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


To be a leading postgraduate centre of entrepreneurship that contributes to the creation of wealth, nation building and global wellbeing


To produce entrepreneurial and business graduates that meet the needs of global business environment

To develop creative, innovative and socially responsible leaders who are capable to face a highly competitive business environment

To contribute to the advancement of new high impact knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and business through research and innovation activities with high commercial value

To develop linkages and collaborations with institutions, industries and communities at national and international levels


1. Create knowledgeable and high skilled human capital that is competetive in various fields.

2. Create virtuous and ethical human capital with good communication skills and put responsible in practice.

3. Create human capital with critical thinking, creative and innovative in interpreting the information and keeps prolonging the culture of life long quest for knowledge.

4. Provide professional human capital that is capable for global marketing and can be involve in various fields.


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