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Research Mode: FSB

FACULTY OF EARTH SCIENCES                    Expertise (Potential Supervisor)


Doctor of Philosophy

The Earth Science Master's and PhD’s Programme provide depth and diverse potential for subject specialisation. The research programmes also give you comprehensive experience with variety of analytical methods including the ability to evaluate and present complex issues within the Earth Sciences. The Faculty of Earth Science offers three different fields which vary from Geoscience, Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Science.

a)   Geoscience
b)   Natural Resources Management
c)   Sustainable Science


Master of Sciences (Geoscience)

Geoscience is the study of land issues and related movements of the earth's surface, geo hazards (landslides, floods, and earthquakes), exploration of natural resources (such as water, minerals, petroleum and natural gas), the management of geological information with the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geological mapping.