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Fees: Full Time

Master (3 Semesters) 

Doctor of Philosophy

(6 Semesters)

 Local International  Local  International
Faculty of Entrepreneurship & Business RM8,020.00 RM13,420.00 RM13,670.00 RM23,270.00
Faculty of Creative Technology & Heritage RM8,020.00 RM13,420.00  RM13,670.00  RM23,270.00 
Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development RM8,020.00 RM13,420.00  RM13,670.00  RM23,270.00 
Faculty of Agro Based Industry RM8,620.00  RM14,320.00  RM14,870.00 RM25,070.00 
Faculty of Earth Science RM8,620.00  RM14,320.00  RM14,870.00  RM25,070.00 
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine RM9,220.00  RM15,220.00  RM17,270.00  RM28,670.00