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FACULTY OF VETERINARY MEDICINE                    Expertise (Potential Supervisor)


Doctor of Philosophy (Anatomy)

PhD with specialization in anatomy comprises multidisciplinary research of biological structure and function ranging from ultrastructure to gross anatomy levels with major interest in clinically relevant anatomy, surface anatomy, neurobiology, histology and embryology. Other research interests include cell biology, cell culture, immunocytochemistry, microsurgery, phase contrast, fluorescent microscopy, optical imaging, transmission electronmicroscopy (TEM) and scanning electronmicroscopy (SEM).


Master of Sciences (Anatomy)

Master of Science with specialization in anatomy focuses on cutting-edge research in a wide range of disciplines of the anatomical sciences: gross anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroanatomy. The very essence of anatomical learning is the dissection of the animal carcasses. Anatomical knowledge provides the foundation for other basic medical sciences and is the keystone of physical diagnosis. This area of specialization provides exposure to research experience in structural biology that can help a student establish career goals by identifying a research mentor and advocate, by networking with investigators and their clinical counterparts in their area of interest, and by having the opportunity to present work at a national meeting. All addressed from a modern perspective stressing quantitative imaging, modeling, informatics and clinical applications.  The curriculum is translational in integrating computer and engineering technologies into the domains of anatomy and developmental biology through a project oriented curriculum.