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Program pengajian siswazah secara Mod Campuran dalam perancangan akan datang pada bulan September 2016.

  1. 1. Melahirkan modal insan profesional yang berpengetahuan tinggi, berkemahiran dan berdaya saing dalam kepelbagaian bidang.

carta organisasi PPS BM update 17 4 22 1



Menjadi Pusat Pengajian Siswazah yang menerajui kecemerlangan pendidikan tinggi dan penyelidikan yang berteraskan keusahawanan bagi kesejahteraan gl...


It is very precious moments in UMK. UMK gave us very comfortable plat form to update our skills and knowledge. They provide excellence in teaching pedagogy and infrastructure. We enjoyed spaces classroom with computers, projects, printer and air condition...kiran kumar

-Kiran Kumar

Being able to pursue my Master by research in Faculty of Agro Based Industry was wonderful, truly I am having an incredible time here and been able to know and learn more about Kelantanese culture...

-Rizki Wannahari

It’s really exciting to be here (UMK), an academia with curricula tailored towards this world’s priority (i.e. job and wealth creation). During my Masters program, the thorough supervision, insightful feedback and ...

-Olalere Folasayo Enoch

I decided to study in Malaysia is mainly because it is an Islamic country and of course the public is very nice to me. I choose UMK because this university is new and have lots of facility and accommodation to support students...

-Qaes Talb Syukur Alsarhan